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State Report Card

An analysis of 50 state websites was performed to identify the level of government transparency in providing online access to government spending data. The analysis used this checklist key and grading scale to determine each website's grade.

An analysis of the state websites also included a mobile readiness study resulting in these suggested guidelines for web developers to use in better preparing their website for use by mobile device users.

State Score Grade State Report Card
Indiana 90 A- *.pdf
New Jersey 87 A- *.pdf
Utah 87 A- *.pdf
Florida 85 B+ *.pdf
Oregon 80 B *.pdf
Tennessee 76 B *.pdf
Arizona 74 B- *.pdf
Kentucky 74 B- *.pdf
Washington 74 B- *.pdf
Michigan 73 B- *.pdf
South Dakota 72 B- *.pdf
Georgia 71 B- *.pdf
California 70 C+ *.pdf
New Hampshire 70 C+ *.pdf
Virginia 70 C+ *.pdf
Mississippi 69 C+ *.pdf
Oklahoma 69 C+ *.pdf
Maryland 68 C+ *.pdf
Nevada 68 C+ *.pdf
Nebraska 67 C+ *.pdf
Vermont 67 C+ *.pdf
Alaska 66 C+ *.pdf
Alabama 65 C *.pdf
Kansas 65 C *.pdf
Texas 65 C *.pdf
Arkansas 63 C *.pdf
Louisiana 61 C *.pdf
Missouri 56 C- *.pdf
Wyoming 54 D+ *.pdf
New York 53 D+ *.pdf
Massachusetts 53 D+ *.pdf
North Carolina 53 D+ *.pdf
West Virginia 53 D+ *.pdf
Minnesota 52 D+ *.pdf
Ohio 49 D *.pdf
Rhode Island 49 D *.pdf
Montana 47 D *.pdf
Colorado 45 D- *.pdf
Illinois 45 D- *.pdf
Delaware 41 D- *.pdf
Maine 39 F *.pdf
Iowa 36 F *.pdf
South Carolina 33 F *.pdf
Pennsylvania 32 F *.pdf
Wisconsin 31 F *.pdf
New Mexico 28 F *.pdf
North Dakota 25 F *.pdf
Hawaii 20 F *.pdf
Idaho 17 F *.pdf
Connecticut 14 F *.pdf

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