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What is the ABTA Institute

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The ABTA Institute in the College of Business at Florida Tech will promote activity based total accountability for effective decision making, open benchmarking, performance improvement and shared data that is reliable and objective.

The public as well as government leaders will have access to tools, information, processes and methods for identifying the public value of state services.

The ABTA Institute will use a national metric, cost per unit, as a basis for measuring activities performed. Open standards and data transparency will be promoted through providing the capability to compare across government agencies.

Focal Areas

The ABTA Institute at Florida Tech will provide academic and practice-based leadership in government accountability. It will drive change management through targeting the true costs of government products and services.

  • Best Practices Data Repository: Survey developers and users to identify strengths and weaknesses of existing programs. Offer performance recommendations focused on government accountability. Initiate a best practices repository.
  • Web Resources and Services: Provide a website with resources for government, academia, and the general public with links to government performance data, agency websites, benchmarking sources, white papers, shared data sources and measurement and learning tools.
  • Training and Seminars: Offer onsite and online training and education with an emphasis on: effective decision-making, strategic allocation of public resources, realistic performance measurements, financial efficiencies and processes for standard benchmarking.
  • National Database: Develop open standards and metrics for government and public use. Provide standards for data collection to promote reliability and objectiveness. Maintain shared repository of data collected from state agencies.
  • ABTA National Conference: Host a conference to bring together stakeholders for sharing best practices and lessons learned while promoting ABTA research, training and education.
  • External Funding: Develop and implement a sustainability plan for the ABTA Institute through both program income and private gifts.
  • Create Model Legislation: Work with state and federal politicians to develop model ABTA legislation and form a national ABTA Consortium.